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Assessment of Project Implementation Capacity and Public Disclosure

  • The KFFA assesses in numerical terms the project implementation records, management capabilities, engineering competence, and external credibility of fire-fighting facilities installation providers.
  • The assessment results are disclosed publicly to allow contractors to select the appropriate fire-fighting facilities installation providers. In addition, reasonable tendering opportunities and fair trade are promoted.
  • The facilities are assessed annually, and the assessment results are effective
  • from August 1st to July 31st of the following year.

Task of Fire Technician Career Management

  • In order to properly assign responsibility to each construction facility and to prevent poor construction practices, the fire technicians are classified according to their abilities in their qualification, educational and career backgrounds to deploy them according to the scale of the projects

Classification of Fire Safety Supervisors

  • The fire safety supervisors' technical abilities are classified according to their qualification and career history, this is to conduct efficient supervision by deploying the right personnel with the appropriate ratings in accordance with the scale and type of the fire facilities.

Issuance of Fire Technology Qualification Acknowledgement

  • This system gives advantages to the technicians who have on-site experiences through verification and managing the personal career histories to enhance national competitiveness. Fire fighting technological ability is developed for expertise and acknowlegement in response to the construction market opening with the advent of globalization.

Registration of the Fire Facilities

  • Registration tasks, such as membership change and business succession of the fire facilities for comprehensive supervision of the fire facilities and efficient administration tasks, are processed here.

Evaluation and Disclosure of Flame Resistance of Fire Fighting Facilities

  • In order to allow the client to select the right operator, the flame-proofing capability is to quantify and disclose the individual construction performance, management capability, technical ability, and credibility of all the construction businesses, thereby providing fair and reasonable bidding opportunities and fair trade order. (Fire Protection Facilities Construction Act Article 26 Assessment and Disclosure of Construction Capacity)
  • IFiscal Year: April 15, every year until June 10 Annually: July 31, every year - Fiscal Year: July 15,
  • IFlammability is disclosed to the information network by all the clients for public notice,