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Korea Fire Facility Association

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General Operations

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Fire Facility Business Support

  • Address the clients with worksite grievances and complaints on behalf of its members.
  • Lobbying the contract system to tailor to the industry-specific workload.
  • Promoting international relationships and improving the technologies related to fire facilities.
  • Standardization of market prices, unit quantities, documentation and cost accounting.

Membership Services and Information

  • Providing the information on the laws, institutions, policies, notices, safety regulations, technology,
    and various techniques such as Management Information Systems necessary to conduct business.
  • Providing the information requested by the placement agencies for PQ and qualification.
  • Distribution of the members list to the placement and related agencies to increase company publicity.
  • Various certificate issuance.
  • Guidance of the various institutional policies.
  • Notification of changes in laws regarding fire facility businesses and insuring that the contract costs are fair and up to standards.

Public Affairs

  • Public relations for firefighting facility business development.
  • Public relations with the media.
  • Provide information to the members on changes to the government policies regarding fire facility businesses.
  • Create public awareness about the industry through promoting relationships with the media.