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We will make an effort to the
improvement of
fire-fighting facilities.

Chairman Kim Eun-sik

Dear members and association employees!

This is the chairman of the Korea Fire Facility Association Kim Eun Sik.

In the aftermath of a prolonged recession of the construction industry, the fire industry also has had a lot of difficulties.

However, the fire industry should always be prepared for the challenges of adjusting to and coping with the changes of the social
situation under today's circumstances as the saying goes;

"Opportunities are found in times of crisis"....

For this reason, the association will lay the foundation for industrial take-off through active exchanges and communication with various
relevant government agencies and ministries and make
improvements into the future-oriented industry appropriate to the growth of the
economy in this global age.

In addition, for the protection of member's rights and the advancement of the fire industry, we will focus on

▲ Legalization of separate contracting system for fire facility constructions,

▲ Introduction of pre-qualification standards of the design safety surveillance and

▲ Standard numeration in fire areas and the management of the cost break-down.

I look forward to your interest and support towards the association in the future and I hope you achieve everything that pursue.

Thank you.